The Mouse-inator!

A while back, we had an issue with mice (a yearly occurance at our house). We did what everyone with a mouse problem did, we bought some traps. Well, of course that wasn’t good enough for the 17 year old boy, he thought that the only solution was him and his BB gun. Of course we didn’t think it would work, but he proved us wrong… and thus was born….




Yessir… he actually shot that little teeny tiny mouse with that there BB gun. That mouse was not the only casualty of the mouse-inator, just the only one caught on camera!!

~Peace, Kari



Frozen in Time

Sometimes beauty comes in the most unusual things. It has been cold and icky outside and with my FM, I am not as gung-ho about getting out in the cold to shoot. This icicle was right outside my back door. I didn’t realize until I processed the photo how gorgeous something simple could be.


This next one was taken at work (on the smoke dock) today with my iPhone. I thought the way the ice was formed around the fence and the way the light shined on it was pretty nifty.


I just want to start looking at the beauty or oddness around me…

~Peace, Kari

A Peaceful Location

On January 21st, I had some free time on my hands. I took off with camera in tow, as usual, to find something interesting to take some pictures of. I was crusing down the road when I passed the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery.

I flipped a bitch and entered the cemetery. I was in awe from the moment I passed through the gates. It is a relatively new location, so there aren’t many plots yet, but they are slowly building. The place is gorgeous and a very nice place for our Vets to be laid to rest.

I parked the car and began to roam around this peaceful place. It was extremely quiet as I was alone and the hush over the place only made it that much better.

Keep in mind that at the time of this photoshoot, I did not know of anyone that I personally knew at this site (Since the shoot I found out that there is someone that I know that has been laid to rest here - I will be going back to find him one day). This shot was taken on an arched wall that has the ashes of our servicemen and women entombed. This is at the base where there were wreathes and flags lined up. The focus was on the flags to show the pride that these men and women showed for their country.


A stream runs through this location and a drake and a mallard happened to be feeding while I was there. I probably took 100 pics of them alone. I was just trying to get the right light. They were less excited about the photo op than I was, and it was hard to get them both in a decent pose.


I felt this image looked best in black and white with a pop of color on the flag and on the cross. I believe I was laying on the ground for this shot. Had there been anyone there, they probably would have thought I was nuts (had they known me, they would KNOW that I am!).


I especially love this picture because of the perspective. The focus is on Robert, but the background, to me, tells a story of a hero.


Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite photo of the day. I thought that it would be cool to try to get a good depth of focus shot, but didn’t think that it turned out when I was looking through my viewfinder on my camera. I kept trying and trying… to my surprise, the very first shot was perfect (or damn near).


As I was leaving this place, I said “Thank You” outloud. These men and women are hero’s… each and every one.

~Peace, Kari


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